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Reclaim Rubber

The products of Raksha Reclamations ( Reclaim Rubber & Crum Rubber ) are unbeatable in quality and price

Reclaim RubberA rapid increase in the application of rubber created a deficit in the availability of natural rubber. Natural rubber is bound by the agricultural capabilities of the country and cannot be expected to compete with market pace and this inevitably leads to higher fluctuations in the availability and cost of natural rubber which is harmful for the industries, more so for the ones depending entirely on the supply of natural rubber.

Rubber reclaiming is a process developed after much scientific experimentations which has freed the rubber industry from the uncertainty of the supply of natural rubber.The technology for rubber reclamation had started in some other country but now India leads the world in its manufacturing. Raksha Reclamations is an Indian company providing a superior quality of reclaimed rubber which can be substituted or mixed in certain proportions with natural and synthetic rubber. Use of reclaimed rubber reduces the cost of the product without compromising the quality, durability and performance of the product.

Our customers are widely using reclaimed rubber in the manufacturing of tyres, tubes, conveyor belts, canvas shoes and other rubber products. The use of reclaimed rubber has now gained wider acceptability in the industry and helped in reducing pressure and dependency on the agricultural output of natural rubber. Not just in India,  foreign countries are also buying and substituting reclaimed rubber for its industrial and environmental benefits.

Raksha Reclamation highly encourages the use of reclaimed rubber, for the plethora of benefits it offers to us. And we are committed to provide the best industrial quality of the reclaimed rubber.